Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recent Events in Pictures (and way too much text!)

Whoa, long time no post. Great way to follow up the procrastination posts! I'm ashamed to admit I've definitely been at it again. But before I get to the bad things, if I even bother, I should catch up from the last month.

And before I catch up from the last month I should wish everyone a happy ICLW! I've been doing well in commenting (as commenting is much easier for me than posting) but I apologize for the lack of new content :/ If you are visiting for the first time, my timeline is on the left-hand side. I'm infertile (been TTC off and on for 13 years now); I've never been pregnant; I've been diagnosed with PCOS and am on glumetza (a type of met.) for it. I won't be doing IUI or IVF and so, I often feel like I'm not a "true" infertile since I'm not "cycling" with everyone. My blog is all over the place - I just write about whatever I feel like and I don't update all that often.

Ok, now on to (not so) recent events.

I had a great trip to TX to visit my dad, his wife, my brother, and his fiance. The first flight was packed and I got stuck in the middle seat - blah. Luckily it was the shorter flight since I basically had to sit up straight and hold my arms together the entire time to keep from bumping my neighbors. The next flight was much better - got a window seat and no one sat in the middle. Ahhh.

On the second flight I was so thirsty but I was semi-sleeping with earphones in when the beverage service came by. When they were passing out drinks the woman asked me if I wanted anything so I eagerly said "I'll have water" (meaning, ya know... ice water). With a weird look on her face, she mouthed a repeat and I shook my head yes. Much to my surprise she came back with a steaming paper coffee cup of hot water. Mmmm. I drank it anyway while I amused myself thinking she must have thought I was a weirdo to ask for "hot water".

Below is an early morning pic of my second plane - I've never seen wings with upturned tips before...
Before the trip I was worried for some reason that they'd lose my luggage. I've flown a lot in my life and I don't think my luggage has ever been lost. I ended up dismissing my fear but I threw an extra pair of underwear into my carry-on just in case! haha

Well, guess what?! Yeah, they lost my luggage. And I wasn't the only one. I filled out the claim form and a nice woman acted like she knew why a bunch of luggage was gone from this particular flight and said someone would actually deliver it to the house. sweet. (I was only slightly worried.)

As soon as I stepped outside at my dad's house, I could smell the ocean. I absolutely love the ocean and oh boy do I miss it living where I live.

We went to an awesome mexican restaurant that night and had fajitas served family style. Then we came back home and sat around this...

and talked and hung out together. It was really cold - the coldest I've ever experienced in TX - the entire time I was there. Just my luck!

I was getting increasingly worried about my bag and the stuff I would never see again as it got later and later. I was trying not to - it's only STUFF, who cares - but it was hard. My bag was dropped off at the house at about midnight that day. whew.

The next morning I was chatting with my dad when I noticed the back of my hand was really itchy. I ended up having a large black and blue swollen spot right below my first two knuckles for the rest of the time I was there. It was like a portion of my vein exploded or something. Really weird and I have no clue what caused it. You can kind of see it in this pic though it doesn't show how swollen it was.
The second day we headed to Galveston and had lunch/dinner all together again. It was so cold and windy but OMG I was near the ocean! You can almost see the ocean in this pic.

I had my first raw oyster. I love seafood but was very unsure about these. I ended up having more than one! :)
We were so full but we all split a dessert. yum!

That second day I actually went out jogging in the morning! I only jogged for about 13-15 mins total but I walked too and ended up going about 2.2 miles. It was cold but much more acceptable than NY weather. (and ugh, I haven't been running since...)

I really had a nice time. I love being with family and not working for four days (I didn't even bring my laptop with me!) was just awesome. My flights home were uneventful and they didn't even lose my luggage.
Since then, nothing has really been going on. I've been working too much and procrastinating like crazy.

On 2/12, I got a delivery at work.
I thought for a minute they were from my dad but the smiley face said it all. R rarely gets me flowers, it was a huge surprise. What a guy! They were so pretty. Almost all gone now but I still have a small vase of the survivors on my kitchen island.

Someone wanted in on my photo shoot (see cat in pic below). She is the first pet I ever got myself as an adult and is going to be 14 in April.

So, anyway, that catches me up and I need to stop now because the mountain of work I have been procrastinating is about to fall over and smother me. I have high hopes about posting again soon! haha :)