Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I haven't felt much like blogging.  I haven't felt much like doing anything really.  Work for the past three days has been crappy.  I don't want to be here and I don't want to work.  If I were four years old I would totally throw a tantrum right about now.

I read my last post over again and I really didn't mean for it to be such a doom and gloom post.  The situation with the blood work was frustrating but really, what's waiting another few months in the scheme of the last 13 years of waiting?  Really, nothing at all.  And, I don't think the blood work is going to tell me anything anyway.  So, no big deal.  And my grandpa, I miss him and wish he hadn't died, but I'm not overwhelmed with sadness or anything.  I'm the most sad for my grandma.  Since I was remembering him while writing the post I figured I'd write out some things that I'll remember most about him.  It ended up sounding pretty sad.

Thanksgiving at my grandma's house was nice.  I think I'm a turkey snob now, after having cooked/hosted for the past three Thanksgivings, because I definitely missed my turkey!  But all the food was yummy.  My aunt had to prepare everything at her house and then pack up and move the entire meal to my grandma's house because my grandma doesn't want to leave her house anymore.  That's no small task.  She's a wonderful person. (not only on thanksgiving - she helps my grandma clean and even comes over on a regular basis to help her bathe)

Anyway, I wanted to lighten up the posts and I've never blogged about crocheting before so here goes!

Back in July my sister (C) and I decided to learn to crochet.  We went to a craft store and bought a book, some yarn, and a hook.  Then we sat on my couch and proceeded to get frustrated in about an hour. haha

We kept at it though, C much more than me.  She has made a queen size blanket as an xmas gift for a friend, another half a blanket, a couple hats, and at least one scarf.  All summer and most of the fall she only worked part time so in the mornings she would crochet before work and she'd also do it while watching sports on TV with her SO.

I've never completed a project except for my very first one:

It's a... dishcloth :)  About 12'' x 12''.  It was fun to make something so small to start with because I really felt accomplished afterwards.  I wanted to make a bunch more but I haven't yet.  I think they'd actually be useful as kitchen cloths.

I have also done a few swatches to practice different types of crocheting.  After the dishcloth I started my blanket.

It is brown, cream, and brick colored yarn, double-stranded (you crochet the entire time with two strands of yarn held together - it makes a thicker blanket I guess).  I tried to pick colors that would match our basement room so that we could keep it down there on the couch.  I'm happy with how it's turning out.

I started it in the summer.  It's still not even half done!  It is now about twice as big as it is in the pic above.  Maybe someday I'll finish it.  I really enjoy crocheting but I never think about sitting down to just crochet and it's hard to crochet and watch a TV show with R at the same time.

Going to the craft store is dangerous now.  Even though I don't crochet often, every time I go I want to buy more yarn and patterns!  There are so many kinds of yarn out there!  I have to stay away from that store until I actually need more yarn for my current project.


This is a beautiful pink yarn that I bought because I think it would make a wonderful, light-weight, baby-type blanket.  It's soooo soft I want to sleep with it like a pillow.  No, I haven't even started a blanket from it yet.

If I ever manage finish another project I'll definitely post pics.

Bonus bloggy fun: Can you find the dog in three of the six pics?!  hehe


  1. Your blanket is so pretty :).

    I love crocheting too, but haven't finished any projects since last Christmas when I made a shawl for my sister. I've gotten halfway and then ripped out one blanket 2 or 3 times (lots of mistakes - from crocheting in the car or on a plane in the dark). I have a hard time resisting yarn as well, so I usually buy it at flea markets or good.will if I find something nice (it's so much cheaper!).

  2. I just love the dishcloth and blanket! They're so lovely - I keep wanting to learn how to crochet! I have a girlfriend who's a pro at it - I think you've inspired me to start lessons!

  3. I immediately spotted the dog LOL

    I've never got round to crocheting, although many of my friends did it even in junior high. I do enjoy cross stitching, though, but haven't done it in a while.

    Your blanket is pretty!

  4. Cripes, I am all admiration for your crocheting - I would be frightened of crocheting at the moment with all of this oestrogen running around in my system, god knows what would happen. In my mind, I kind of equate crocheting to golf, I have never done it but it sounds like something that would not suit my temperament (golf, I could see some Happy Gilmore type tantrums going on and crocheting, well high levels of frustration and a hook - need I say more). My Nanna tried to teach me how to knit a few times but turns out I was absolutely hopeless.

    Good on you - as I say, I have great admiration for you!

  5. Ah, the yarn bug has bitten you... I now have a closet dedicated to my yarn buying habit (note that it's not a knitting or crocheting habit-- I just envision the lovely things that can be made with this skein or that and I buy them, and promptly put them away for another day). Someday, I'll get through it all. At least for now, I've stopped adding to the stash!

    I intend to make blankets for these babies once I know their gender (not that it really matters necessarily. I'm not hung up on the whole blue-pink gender stereotypes. It's just that once I know gender, I'll know likely names, which will make me feel like I know these creatures a little better and can make blankets for a person rather than an idea, if that makes any sense at all). But I've got several other projects I can do in the mean time. Baby hats and baby sweaters are super fast and easy projects, right?

  6. I started to crochet last year. Acupple of weeks ago I made two scarfs for christmas gifts. I'm totally jelous of how you can change colors, I haven't figured that part out yet.I just buy the yarn that has alot of colors in it already.

  7. love the blanket! looks like it will be awesome and cozy when finished :) i find the best time to crochet is when hubs is watching some sporting event... esp when i don't care about the teams!

  8. I have left a gift for you on my blog!