Friday, September 10, 2010

This & That, but Mostly Running (Sorry!)

- I am starting to get more serious about the half marathon. Was even brave enough and excited enough to put up a ticker :) I think we can do it. I'm positive it would be a lot of fun and a great accomplishment.

- We begin the training plan this Monday, the 13th. I'm pretty intimidated because the plan has exercise 6 days a week, with only Friday as a true rest-and-do-nothing day. Really, the fact that I exercise 2 to 3 times a week is a flippin miracle. Not sure how I'm gonna do 6. The plan's structure already fits well into our schedules so we don't have to tweak days which is good.

- We've done 4 3-mile jogs now and I am still amazed each time we finish. I seriously can't believe I can jog for 1 mile, never mind 3. On Labor Day we jogged a 5k (just C and I, not a race) and finished in about (I don't have my garmin with me for actual time) 43 mins. Big difference from my 5k time in May!

- Tomorrow (9/11) we are planning a long walk. I'm not sure how many miles we'll do but we want to do more than 5 so we can see how it goes. I need to figure out where we'll be walking.

- I'm contemplating weekly log type updates during the training, though I should know better than to make blogging commitments. I almost always fail at those.

- Bracelet update coming soon! (hah what did I just say about blogging commitments?) If you don't know what I'm talking about, please read this post. The offer still stands if you'd like one.

- I suspect the first of you will be receiving bracelets sometime next week. I have a handful made and will be making more this weekend. Right now I'm really experimenting with different styles of the bracelet itself and different ways to attach the charms and clasps. Each one I've made so far is different. So, it's slow going while I get the hang of everything. Once I figure out the best ways, it should go much faster.

- R and I are taking a vacation week at the end of this month and I can't wait! We aren't going away but at the beginning of our week off we are going to NYC to see this show and go out to dinner here. It should be a fun night.

- I found a local 5k for C and I to do on 9/26 but it's the day after our NYC trip and we won't be getting home until about 3am. I'm not so sure it's smart to commit to a 5k after such a late night. The actual 5k isn't until 1pm so I'm still leaning toward doing it though. I'm quite excited about being able to run the whole thing if we do :)

- It's kind of weird that I consider myself an infertility blogger but I don't blog about IF much at all. Right now my life is all about trying to ignore IF and focus on other things so I guess that's why. But still weird.

- I made one of my favorite fall dishes (not actually a "fall" dish but I consider it one because that's when I usually make it) last night and brought it for lunch today. I made it meatless - didn't feel like chopping and cooking chicken - and it's just as good. More of a side dish than a main dish though without the chicken. I have that and a bagel and I'm looking forward to lunch right now way more than is healthy. Woo! Brown rice salad!

- Yesterday I noticed the first of the leaves around my house turning colors. I love this time of year but I'm trying not to think about those dreary winter months (Jan/Feb/March) that are just around the corner.

- Hmmm bullet point type posts are much easier to write...


  1. You're doing awesome on the running, go you!!!

    I find that running is the world's best medicine: It chills me out and makes me feel so good inside and out. I'm so happy when other people find joy in it. Keep it up!!! xo

  2. Hi Jill,
    Just found your blog and wanted to give you a shout out and big ^5's on doing a half. I did my first half last March (Dallas RocknRoll) and it was ah-mazing! If you can walk, you can finish a 1/2. If you can run a mile, you can finish a 1/2. But absolutely, if you can run 3'll be a 1/2 RockStar!
    Keep it up!!!

  3. COngrats on doing so well with your running. Even though I hate running, this gorgeous weather we're having makes me want to get out there and jog, myself :).

  4. I can't believe how awesome you are doing - I am not a runner at all!

  5. Good luck with the training! I don't think missing a day or so here and there would be too terrible. You can do it!

  6. VEGAS!!! I'm so stoked! How long are you going for, exacty when are you going, and where are you staying? I am SO THERE!
    Busy girl! Love ya!

  7. Last week walking through our local park, I noticed the first leaves crunching under my feet. Weird. I'm thrilled for fall, but it feels like the summer just sped past me!

    I'm so inspired by your half-marathon plans! Someday, I will get my a$$ in gear and start doing some real training! I love running, but I need to do it more often if I want to regain my previous fitness levels. There's a 5k at my husband's college coming up in October, and I think I might register for it, just to have a goal to work towards.

  8. you are such an inspiration!
    I just discovered your blog...and am so thankful. PS...your furbaby River...what a cutie!

  9. Hi! I just also discovered your blog.. love the background water - so peaceful and accepting.. Good luck with the running - very impressive - I am so lazy and unfit..
    Don't feel bad about not writing about infertility - we all need a break from it. I am on a break right now but will go back to it when I have more inspiration.