Saturday, April 2, 2011

Surprise Heart-Break

I have this site in my reader. Often it is very funny. Sometimes shockingly funny. haha

Little did I know, today, while browsing some older posts, it would be the source of much more negative feelings.

Some people would think this was funny, even cute, or sweet. When I looked, I was stunned for a moment while I read the caption, and then I was completely heart-broken. For the aunt and for myself.

I'm referencing this picture.

I almost cried. Please let that not be me.


  1. I find myself noticing so MANY jokes about women who couldn't have kids - in tv shows, movies, on the news. It's actually amazing how much people make fun of those who can't conceive.
    But, yeah, the sad teddy bear just makes you want to cry.

  2. That photo doesn't seem to fit in well on that site. It's very sad.

  3. Our first child died. I remember being in the maternity ward where all the happy new parents were celebrating. I still remember holding my wife's hand while she just cried. We wanted 3 children. It never happened.