Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unfortunately, Jill…

(Nope, this has absolutely nothing to do with my last post. I’m still undecided about what I’m going to do.)

I recently read two blog posts about an amusing activity involving go.ogling the word “unfortunately” + [your name] and seeing what results you get. Niobe and Lori’s results were pretty darn funny so I decided to try it myself!

Here are some of the results:

Unfortunately, Jill has already unloaded it for a nice profit, to a former child actor turned book dealer turned love interest.
{wowie, my life is… complicated!}

Unfortunately Jill and I roleplay on Tuesday nights, so that doesn't work well for us.
{baby shower on Tue? Sorry, R and I “roleplay” that night *cough*}

Unfortunately, Jill cannot walk ...
{I can’t? New excuse to use on R when he asks me to make him dinner ;)}

Unfortunately Jill is not the only one who has lost her life fighting for justice for animals.
{mmm definitely not me – but I can’t help but wonder how that happened}

Unfortunately Jill has diabetic ketoacidosis and is not doing well.
{I knew I was feeling a little off recently.}

Unfortunately, Jill seems to be getting mixed reviews on her outfit.
{*looks down* not really work appropriate?}

Unfortunately, Jill's environment is one of fear and illusion.
{well that sucks.}

Unfortunately, Jill had some limitations on higher level systems.
{This is what R would say if I interviewed for a position in his dept – I would NOT get the job. haha I’m more than a little technologically impaired :/}

Unfortunately Jill and Ian's "Benji" was absent due to having swallowed a chunk of concrete which lodged in his intestines.
{aww poor Benji :( and… R wants to know who “Ian” is!}

Unfortunately Jill took Beastfoe with her when she left.
{never leave home without it!}

Ah, so funny. Thanks for the diversion girls!

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  1. HA HA HA. I love the "environment is one of fear and illusion". You are stuck in an XBOX game called "Beastfoe"! I may have to try this out, but I think all of my hits will be about Traci Lords (I am a Traci, not a Tracy). Should I do it? Hmmmmmmmm.