Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Patient Fertility / GYN Appt - 10/28/09

It went fine I guess. When I was filling out all the new patient paperwork I actually was able to write truthfully that I exercise ~3 times a week and jog ~2 miles each time. That was cool. I’ve never been able to write anything like that before.

The one and only doctor at this place is a man and I prefer female doctors. I was told over the phone that if I needed anything done to my hoo-haa a nurse practitioner would most likely be the one to do it. Well, I met with this main doctor (Dr. M) and to my surprise, he busted out the dildo cam on our first date… err, I mean, appt. I was definitely not expecting a u/s but who am I to turn one down! Apparently I can survive an exam by a man.

There was also a female doctor, who seemed to be learning, following Dr. M around. They were both very thoughtful and made sure I could see the screen of the u/s. I hate those silent u/s’s where they don’t let you see what's going on and don’t say a word throughout the whole thing. As I laid there staring at the screen, I tried to imagine what it would be like to see an actual baby.

Just like all my other u/s’s, they saw both ovaries and there was no sign of cysts even though I specifically asked about the “string of pearls” symptom of PCOS. He also measured my lining, and even though I haven’t had a real flow in over a year, my lining was very thin.

Dr. M of course thinks I have PCOS and put me back on glumetza. I’m taking it now and haven’t had many side effects but I’m only up to 2 pills a day. The goal is 3/day. I’ll probably make it there at the end of the week.

I want more information than just his guess that I have PCOS. He order a bunch of blood work for me to be done on CD3. Uh yeah, that’s a problem. When the eff is CD3?? I never freakin get a real period. Right now I’m either on CD110+ or CD30something if I count the last time I spotted (off and on for about 3 weeks) as a period. I told him this and asked him if I should take provera. He said sure and wrote me another script. He says I should count any spotting at all as CD1. Ok then.

My appt was a few weeks ago now and I haven’t taken the provera yet. The “what-ifs” get me every time. What if this cycle is the one and only time I’m going to ov this year and I take provera to end the cycle? Missing that non-existent opportunity scares me for some reason. It shouldn’t – I know I’m being stupid. I just need to take it and get on with the blood work. But what if the blood work gives me no additional information again? *sigh*

Overall the appt was fine and I like the office. They were all very nice but no matter how much I told them that I’m not interested in IUI/IVF/etc at this time, that’s still their main focus. I have a feeling he wants to try me on clomid again. I guess I wouldn’t be opposed as long as they monitor follicle growth (or lack of) at the same time.


  1. Glad your appointment went well. He sounds like a nice doctor :)

  2. Sounds promising!
    Try some fertility affirmations, couldn't hurt!

  3. Sounds like its going okay. I hope the blood work turns up some new answers for you! Good luck!

  4. My preference for doctors is neither male nor female, but understanding and competent. Just wanted to say that, my favorite RE in the practice was a man. I must also say he was much more gentle with the wand than any of the ladies. If you have concerns about taking the provera, talk with the doctor about it. Be straightforward and honest. Take no bullshit and see what kind of answer you get. Good luck sweetie and congrats on all of your awesome running and exercise. Keep it up!

  5. So he's saying that any spotting equals AF? Hmmm, I guess that's the only way to get any bloodwork done, but it doesn't sound like you'd be getting true cd3 results.
    I've actually liked my male doctors more than my female ones - they tended to be a lot more understanding and sympathetic to my endo pain. One female dr. was especially not happy when I questioned her opinions or the medications, and basically told me that SHE was the doctor, not me.
    If you want monitoring, then you should demand monitoring! You tell them what you want - you're a paying customer, right? :)

  6. So glad you liked the place. My preference has always been female doctors. Then when I moved to Egypt I thought for sure I'd get one... wrong both my gyn and RE are males and you know what they are very cool. Women here tend to prefer men doctors, saying the women are not as good, interesting. I am not sure i believe that and mine being men had nothing to do with these ladies opinions, they just came highly recommended and they very well are. Good luck and hope you get some answers real soon.

  7. I prefer female docs too. Unfortunately every RE I've had (and I've had four) was a male. :p

  8. Most of the female doctors I've had have been rough.
    I'm glad that overall the appointment went well. I don't have a string of pearls but I supposedly have PCOS. *shrug*