Monday, May 3, 2010


This posting more often thing is not going as I envisioned...

I now have 766 new posts in my reader (ugh.)

We are having wood floors installed in our living room/dining room this morning. I took before pics and plan on posting before/after shots. Should be a big difference, I'm excited.

We spent the weekend emptying the contents of the rooms into our garage. Not too hard, we don't have a ton of stuff. But I couldn't lift the bigger of the two couches so we had to call over one of R's coworkers to help with that one piece.

I think I couldn't lift the couch because I've been slowly getting sick since saturday morning. Tickle deep in my throat. Not painful at all, just a tickle and a dry sensation when swallowing. Biggest symptom is a cough. I made a doctor's appt for later today but now I feel silly. It's probably just something that needs to run its course.

I haven't gone running in more than a week and I keep having nightmares about the 5k. Yikes.


  1. I love the wood floors we installed years ago!!!! I love bare feet on my bamboo floors.

    Don't stress about the 5K. You'll be so wrapped in the energy of the crowd. I finished a 10K last month and I completely give all the credit to my fellow runners for their support. Somewhere around 3 miles I thought, "What the hell am I doing?" Ha!

    Also, I recommend running without headphones.

  2. Can't wait to see the pics! I love wooden floors, Mike put them down in our apartment and I'm showing it off at every occasion!
    Get better soon and don't think too much about the 5k!

  3. Dying to see the wooden floor pics! LOVE wooden floors!

    I hope you feel better soon xxx

  4. I LOVE wood floors too. We have HDF floors in all of our bedrooms, not wood but sure look great! Can't wait to see pics. Oh and don't feel bad about not posting, it happens. I am such a slacker these days too. xoxo