Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy Stressed

I feel crazy and uncontrollably stressed.
The 5k is in 10 days and I'm so nervous about it. To make matters worse, I've been sick for more than a week now (tail end of it now and I'm so very tired of coughing) and we have not gone running this entire time. I don't even remember when the last time that we went was. I'm planning to get out there at least 3 - 5 times before the 20th but I totally don't feel prepared. I don't know the course at all which makes me feel even less in control. One of the organizers told me that they were going to have a couple practice runs but apparently they didn't bother to include me since I haven't heard anything more about it. Thanks for the song recommendations, I appreciate them :) I still can't decide if I should wear headphones though. I've had recommendations against them and technically they are against the rules (but others on our team are wearing them). I'm just not sure what to do...
I'm very behind at work and not sure how I'm ever going to catch up enough to lessen my stress. Blogging right now is not helping but at least it's one thing I can check off my list today.
Being stressed really sucks because I should be getting excited. In a little less than 2 weeks we are leaving for Seattle, WA to go on an Alaskan cruise for our 5 year anniversary. I absolutely can not wait to see the ocean! If I can push the 5k and work out of my mind, I'm so very happy at the thought of this vacation. Although I prefer warm, tropical places, I love to travel and see new things. I think it will be beautiful and honestly, I love the ocean so much I would be giddy for a cruise to just about anywhere.
Ugh I really REALLY need to get caught up with work in the next 12 days so that I can be completely stress-free and relax and enjoy this vacation as much as possible. I've been on one other cruise, 6 years ago, (Caribbean) and I loved it so much. An Alaskan cruise has been a dream of mine for a long time.
The wood floors came out great. We love them. I lost my thumb drive with all my pics - hopefully it's just lost in my house somewhere - so I haven't been able to post pics in a while. I'm sad because I had a lot of stuff I was planning to post on that drive. But, since the floors are more recent, I do have before/after shots to share!

Living room before

Living room after (shoes on rug to hold edges down)

Dining room before (pile of flooring in boxes)

Dining room after

And my favorite change: Hallway before (I HATED that runner)

Hallway after (yay!) - spare wood slats on rug to uncurl it

The pics are all in various stages of furniture moving but you can get the idea. The old wall-to-wall carpeting was from the previous owner, stained, and dirty-looking, and I'm so glad it's gone!


  1. Your floors look great! I love how River just plants himself in the middle of each photo :). Of course, this is a doggy photo shoot, right?

  2. Have fun on the Alaskan cruise. I did that a few years ago - went from Vancouver to Anchorage - and it was fabulous! The nice thing is there is always stuff to look at as you're along the coast the entire time. LOVED it!!! Make sure you bring sweaters...

    And the floors look awesome!

  3. Ooh. I love your new floors! Those are awesome!

    And don't stress yourself over the run. It's supposed to be fun! As for headphones, the only reason you should be worried about using them is if your route is along a heavily trafficked area that won't be adequately blocked. And even so, as long as you keep your volume to a minimum (or headphones only in one ear), you should be able to hear what's going on around you. I mean, if the race organizers are strict about it, I suppose there's no need to get ugly or anything, but as far as I know, that's generally the reasoning for asking that you don't use headphones, that you can't hear traffic or other runners.

    The cruise sounds absolutely fabulous! We took a cruise for our mini-honeymoon (just a short-ish cruise to the Yucatan), and it was lovely. I want to take another one soon! My parents did an Alaskan cruise and loved it. I'm sure you will have a total blast and will come back refreshed and relaxed!

  4. Cruise, did someone say cruise ? Ah, I am so jealous !!! Alaska is suppose to be gorgeous !!!!

    The floors look great, love your doggie : )

    Hope you start feeling better soon too !

  5. LOL. Whenever I try to take pictures of my house, my dogs always seem to need to be in the picture. Of course, when I try to take a picture of them ON PURPOSE, they look (or even run) away.

  6. Sorry I haven't been too active in commenting.

    The 5K sounds exciting, but don't stress too much over it. Try to view it as a fun adventure and time with friends. If you're running with a group or a buddy I'd say leave the headphones home (especially if the rules say no) or if you insist on listening to music, put in just one earpiece so that you can hear what's going on around you. Definitely don't try to make up for the missed training in the last 10days. Get a couple of runs in, but during the last week make sure you don't overdo it. You can't really change anything in one week. Maybe do some some quick fast runs to remind your muscles, but don't try to make up for mileage now. Good luck in the race!

    The cruise sounds awesome, I'm jealous!

  7. I am in love with those floors - the color of the wood is so rich!

    I hope you have a GREAT time on the cruise - and the run will go great! You are an inspiration!

  8. wood floors make all the difference. The puppy on the floors make the shot absolutely adorable.

  9. These floors look fabulous - so gorgeous!!!
    The cruise sounds like SO much fun.
    I agree that it's best to break from running when you are feeling under the weather - soon you'll get in some good runs, and will do great on the 5K :-)

  10. Just came across your blog and I took up running as well to help me through this crazy journey! Good luck on your 5k!

  11. An Alaskan cruise is one of my husband's dreams as well!

    Your new flooring looks so awesome!!!

  12. I hope your able to get through some of that work so your less stressed. Love the hardwood floors! We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and I was sea sick for most of it lol.