Wednesday, August 31, 2011

14dpo - beta

Pee test this morning was negative again so I knew what was coming. The beta was negative. I'm really bummed (understatement) but trying to ignore it. I mean really, did I expect any different?

I was already gloomy enough in my last post so here is my attempt at thinking happy thoughts.

The fertility clinic I go to has the best blood drawers ever. I have a needle phobia - have never been good with them. Obviously through the IF years I've learned to better deal with frequent blood draws but they still freak me out. This place makes it so much better. They get it over with super fast, they try to distract if I seem like I'm getting anxious, they hardly ever leave any bruise or mark at all (I've had some bad ones at other places), and often I can barely feel the needle go in. The picture below shows my arm a few minutes ago - see the tiny red dot? That's the only mark and I hardly felt it. Today, as she was drawing my blood I told her they are awesome at it and I appreciate it so much.

Things I get to do now:

- Stop taking so many pills a day for a little while. I currently take 7.

- Stop taking the progesterone gel every night. Ugh that stuff is unpleasant.

- Not worry about if I'll be able to do the upcoming vegas half marathon while 18 weeks pregnant. I'm signing up officially in the next couple days.

- Get rid of the sore boobs in a day or so hopefully. (well, the soreness anyway, not the boobs themselves...)

- Move on and officially end this cycle. This random cramping must be from the progesterone and, now that I know everything is negative, it's driving me crazy :/

I'm planning on doing this all again next cycle if they'll let me. I must be crazy.


  1. We all must be crazy when it comes to the things we endure because of IF.

    You are right to sign up for that race! I hope you don't get the chance to run it, though :)

    Many hugs to you as you move forward.

  2. It is nuts the time, money, and energy we spend - but the payoff will be amazing for you, I know it.

  3. Ah - bugger. So sorry to hear. But am very impressed with your energy and persistence - not just for running marathons, but for another cycle. Fingers crossed it won't take too many more.

  4. I'm really sorry it's negative - but stopping progesterone gel is something to celebrate! And signing up for a marathon is impressive; I'm having trouble with the smallest hills lately. IVF really messed with my health, so you keeping going impresses me like you wouldn't believe! Superwoman!!

  5. I am so sorry for this recent BFN, it never gets any easier... sending you lots of love.

  6. well that just sucks. :( i'm sorry. BFNs never stop hurting. ((hugs)) & i'll be thinking good thoughts for next cycle!

  7. I'm so sorry about the negative beta. I know that this was expected because of the pee sticks, but I also know there's always a glimmer of hope until you get the beta...

    And IF = crazy. Bring it on!

  8. I just get a feeling that everything is going to be all right. With your attitude, how can it not? Really sorry about the negative results this time but just wait, your time will come!

  9. bummed about the beta. I'm sorry, J. You are gonna rock that Vegas half, even if you have to take it slow ;-)

  10. I am so sorry about the negative beta, but I can't help crossing everything for the next cycle. I'm a kind of in-computer cheer squad.


  11. I know I am late, but I'm so so sorry about the BFN. ((hugs))

  12. Holy cow where have I been!?! So sorry you had yet another month of disappointment! :( I will be following your blog a little more closely now and sending you good thoughts!! If I had the money I would so come do the Vegas half with you!!!