Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday = Hate; Husband = Love

Yesterday sucked. Today is not a ton better, but a little.

I don't even know what was the matter with me yesterday. Everything seemed horrible. I couldn't deal with my projects, my coworkers, my clients... bleh. R went home first (we work at the same place but only sometimes drive in together) and picked up our dog. This is awesome because it saves me 15-20 mins on my drive home. I im'd him from work saying that I was in a completely terrible mood and maybe I shouldn't even come home. Not that I have any other place to go but it was a wonderfully negative thing to say, so I said it.

When I finally got home he was right there to meet me at the door. He had already put pizza in to heat up for me (leftovers I told him earlier that I was going to eat) and gave me a big hug. I cried. I love him so much. I felt like total crap but he was doing his best to try to make me happy.

Oh and Zone A progress? none. (maybe tonight but totally not promising anything!)

1 comment:

  1. Aw! Sorry you had a bad day. Yay for an awesome hubby!
    Good luck with your cleaning!