Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zone A = F

Well, I give myself an F on completing zone A cleaning last week. However, I did manage to vacuum the living room and the stairs to the second floor. I even moved the couch and vacuumed under and behind it (ew.).

This past Sunday, R and I took a bunch of boxes and storage items down into the unfinished side of the basement. That side is finally complete - we were waiting on the floor being repainted because the contractor screwed up a couple "patch" spots - so now we can actually use it as storage! I'm excited. So, even though I failed on last week's cleaning assignment, the livingroom/diningroom area looks much better.

Zone B is going much better. On Sunday I vacuumed the kitchen and hallway/closet area. I've taken all the recyclables out and the dishes are done so I'll be able to clean the counters.

Still to do in Zone B (the incredibly hopeful list - hah)
-put away/organize things left on counters and island
-clean counter tops and island
-wipe down cabinets and island base
-clean stove and microwave
-vacuum again and mop kitchen floors
-wash dog towels
-clean out 'fridge

I'm feeling much better this week than last. Around Thurs or Fri of last week I started to feel better but the rest of the week sucked. I should keep track of my crazy moods - they don't seem to correspond to PMS or anything so I wonder if there is a pattern...

My better mood could be due to having Thurs and Fri off this week - yay! I can't wait for our 4 day weekend. We aren't doing anything specific but we'll probably try to get some of the last purchases made for the basement remodel project. Just having 4 days to not think about work will be awesome.

I have a ton of painting to do in the basement but other than that, a light is slowly appearing in the renovation tunnel. We need three major things still - ceiling, door, and baseboard. We've picked out all three but haven't purchased them yet. When the painting is done and those three items are installed, the only things left will be to hang cabinet doors and do final touch-ups. I'm pretty stoked about having this project done.

The room (before our mini-flood) was finished but we didn't use it for anything but storage. We've lived here for almost three years now. Silly us. So, it will totally be like we added a large room on to our house. The completed room will be like a tiny apartment - a small "kitchen" area with a cabinet/countertop, sink, mini 'fridge and microwave; a "diningroom" area with a table that we plan to play some poker on!; a "livingroom" area with seating and a TV; a small closet. We'll also have a dartboard corner down there and I've been thinking of adding some bookshelves as well. We shall see. It'll also be a great guestroom. The only thing lacking is a bathroom (which we have NO plans to add :)).

I feel like I have more to say. hmmmm. No, this is long and boring enough already so I'll stop for now ;) and get back to work.

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