Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back from Vacation

It was so beautiful.

I want to go back.

Tons more pics to come and also talk about the 5K that happened right before I left but I'm trying (and failing) to get back in the work groove and my sister's wedding is this Saturday. I'm busy making/planning her wedding favors, we have manicure appts on Thurs, and I'm picking up cookies for the favors on Friday. Oh and I'm really second guessing my dress for the occasion. Oy.


  1. So, you deserve another vacation after what your weekend will involve!

    If you go back, take me with you - that's gorgeous! :)

  2. Okay, I need to know exactly where that is, cuz I need to go there. Or somewhere like there. Ugh - vacation from maternity leave? Whoda thunk I'd want that...

  3. Ooh, I wanna go back there, too, and I don't even know where it is!

    Best of luck with finishing those favors!

  4. I too want to go... so glad to hear from you and looking forward to seeing and hearing more. Missed u girl. xoxo