Friday, May 6, 2011


I'm not feeling too well this morning. Just stomach issues which will pass soon, I'm sure. That didn't keep me from eating one of these donuts and then going back for another. I told myself it was so I could take a picture for the blog. Uh huh. But I will end up eating it.

I seriously have no will power. YUM DONUT is all I can think.

I'm a huge carb addict. Cake, cookies, chips, rice, potatoes in other forms... I crave that stuff. Reading about diets that are beneficial to PCOS (like atkins/southbeach) makes me die a little inside.

When I was first on glumetza my relationship with food seemed to change. I no longer craved carbs nearly as much and I liked fruit more. 4 or 5 months ago the annoying mail-order pharmacy I'm forced to use was out of my brand and auto-switched me to an extended release metformin. It's WAY cheaper but it seems like it's not working as well. I'm almost done with the current supply so I'm trying to switch back to glumetza.

I'm still in limbo but 99.999% sure I'm not pregnant, of course. I've been spotting off and on, REALLY lightly, for about a week now. I'm assuming I didn't O at all this past cycle and everything is screwed from that.

It just drives me freakin crazy to not have a normal cycle. Maybe I just need to lose more weight. I'm at approximately the same weight I was 15 years ago when I first started trying. Obviously it didn't work then and I only went up from there. Maybe another 30 lbs... boy that donut sure looks delicious...


  1. LOL - it sure does look good! The mroe I have stayed away from sugars and processed foods, the less I have craved them, but from time to time, I so want to cave in. Good thing I *can't* eat gluten anymore, otherwise I would be finding myself cheating. Not being able to eat it saves me 99% of the time. xoxoxoxox

  2. i've been a sugar cookie bender lately... also not helpful to a healthy lifestyle...sigh.

  3. Oh gosh that looks good. I've been gluten free for 14 years and still stop to smell the donut boxes while grocery shopping.

  4. Mmmm donuts... I would have a real hard time passing that up too! Hang in there!