Saturday, May 14, 2011

Travel and Discontent

The pic is of my sister's new kitten. She was fostering him and fell in love. Hard to imagine why ;)

C (my youngest sister who lives a mile from me) and I went to visit our middle sister the weekend before last in NC. We flew down and back in 3 days.

I had never been there. It was a good trip. We spent some quality  3-sister time together, which is rare, and we got lots of kitten cuddles too.

I've been traveling a lot this year. In Feb I went to NYC for work for a couple days. In March I flew to TX to visit my dad. At the beginning of April I went to see my grandmother and hang out with my dad a bit more since he was visiting her as well. Then there was the long weekend trip to NC and in about a week we are going to the adirondaks for a nice vacation in the woods.

The vacation will be the first time traveling with R this year. I'm looking forward to being off work for a while but am afraid of what might go on at work with my projects while I'm gone.

I'm continuing to have a hard time managing work stress but I'm not sure it's just work that's the problem. I feel like I can't get control of my life.

More about this later I guess. I need to get to bed. The later I stay up, the worse everything seems...


  1. awwww! how do you NOT fall in love with a kitten like that? :)

    sorry you're feeling so blue. i hope you can get a handle on things soon. ((hugs))

  2. What a precious kitty! Hugs to you.

  3. Such a cute kitten! Oh I miss cats... Your trip coming up sounds wonderful! Sorry you're feeling stressed - hang in there!