Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 4.1 - Day 1 & 2

At this point I really don't feel like I'm improving. I think I've hit a plateau and just can't push past it. I'm having a very hard time finding the motivation to actually get out there and go, even though I know when it's over I will be happy I went. Ugh, I'm so lazy.

I was even seeing a little bit of weight loss but that has stopped now as well. I haven't gone back up, so that's good, but I really want to keep losing.

To clarify, I'm not dieting at all. I don't feel that I eat badly - I could definitely use more unprocessed foods, most of all fruits and veggies, in my diet - but food makes me happy and I get very wacked out when I try to deprive myself (that's most likely a problem but one I don't know how to solve). I basically just try to eat healthy and balanced and limit my portions. If I feel like a cookie or a popsicle or some chips, I usually have them. For reference, today so far I've eaten a 4 oz yogurt and one handful of peanut M&Ms :) I usually only drink water so beverages aren't an issue. Thinking about sushi for lunch but not sure yet... I've been craving carbs like a MoFo lately so I'm trying not to indulge myself too much in that dept. I seriously could eat a giant bag of chips right now or a huge bowl of rice. yum.

Anyway, back to the running update.

Day 1 was on 5/7 and day 2 was on 5/10. Day 3 will be tonight. I am repeating week 4 and I'm thinking of repeating week 4 a third time if I continue to feel like this.

I'm so tired and uncomfortable while I'm out there - it's just miserable.

Day 1 I took River with me on the warm up loop but then left him in the rest of the time. I completed the entire thing but really had to push for the 5 min intervals. I went a little more than 6 loops / 1.8 miles because I lengthened the last loop in order to walk longer to "cool down" (but didn't do another full loop). My calves and other leg muscles have really started to burn since starting week 4. I was out of breath before but really didn't feel the burn. I do feel like I'm recovering (catching my breath) faster now.

Day 2 was basically the same but I took River with me the entire time and walked an extra loop at the end. Total was 7 loops / 2.1 miles. Still tired, still uncomfortable, still miserable.

And yet, still happy I completed another day when I finish. I still love stretching at the end and I really feel like I accomplished something. If only I could feel that feeling before I go out to give me some motivation to get out there.

Pain Update:
My left thigh continues to hurt but the pain has not changed or gotten worse. It doesn't hurt when I walk, only when I twist or hold or lift my leg in specific ways. I try not to worry about it. My shins are still tender but only for about a day or so after a run. (I do stretch for a short time before the run and stretch for a long time after the run.) Right now they are hardly sore at all. My knees are fine. I do feel intermittent pains in my knees, feet, ankles, etc during runs but I am guessing that's all normal stuff.

It has been sucking so much lately. I DO plan to continue this. I don't want to give up. But it is getting really tempting to throw in the towel.


  1. I think it's common to hit a wall like this... isn't it crazy how amazing you feel afterwards, but you never wanted to go??
    Yesterday on my way home I drove down the street I used to job and it made me miss it sooo bad! I remember the sound of my shoes on the road, the wind in my face, the burn in my lungs. Ahhh... Hang in there! You are doing great! If there is anything I can do to help motivate you, let me know! Even if I have to call and yell at you and tell you to go run! hahaha!

  2. thanks so much for commenting, because now I have a fellow wanna-be runner to talk to!

    I think the plateau thing, like Monty said, is pretty normal. I haven't dropped any weight since starting, but that wasn't really my goal. Like you, I'm not dieting, just trying to eat right but of those onion rings and beer are calling my name, I feel compelled to answer.

    My hubby and I both kind of have this idea that we exercise in order to life the lifestyle we prefer - one where drinking and eating make us happy. As long as there is a balance, I think that's ok.

    After I hurt my leg the first time out I dropped the run/walk program and actually stopped running altogether until it healed - went to the gym instead. When I started back up again a few weeks ago, it was like night and day. My legs ached but didn't hurt. And I decided to just run as far as I could go and then turn around and walk back. And the next day, I ran to the same point and try to run as much as I could back, then walk the rest. And each time out, I tried to go a little further or at least match the previous day. That actually, has been much easier on my legs than the switching of momentum. And I think I might be going further.

    Whew, I am writing far too much, but I am just so jazzed to see someone TTC AND trying to run. Ok, I think I'll shut up now and just email you later.

    Thanks again!

  3. You can't give up! You're doing so well! I know that at times it stinks. It does for me to. Like you said, you always feel good about it after. I have hit plateaus too, in fact I was thinking about blogging about one now, since I'm sorta feeling in a rut with running. I think its normal to feel stuck, and that you just need to push through this and keep going.

  4. Do NOT throw in the towel, you can do it! The weight plateau, it's gonna happen periodically, and then it'll bounce off more later. Really. It happens. It slows and speeds, it's just how it is, and it SUCKS. Been there done that:-)

    On the pain, have you tried a tennis ball or a mini sorta workout ball? My physio has me using one up against a wall for my thigh, and on the floor for my knees, and I roll it around with lots of pressure cuz I'm pushing. I can tell you more detail if you get one, but it really works to loosen joints. I've also got a couple "swinging leg" things I do pre-run that loosen my thighs that might help too? You can do it!!!