Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week 4.1 - Day 3

Thank you a thousand times over for all the supportive comments!! I <3 you girls! I really can't say thank you enough... thank you thank you THANK YOU! :)

This blog is working better as a motivator for me than I ever hoped.

Day 3 was tonight and it sucked yet again but I do believe it was slightly better than that last few days have been. Took River with me but he was lagging behind about halfway through (which is very abnormal for him) so I figured he'd had enough and I dropped him off at the house, finishing on my own. Luckily R was in the garage when I came up the driveway so I just breathlessly said "take him in, he's done" while pointing at River and then dropped the leash. hehe

I went 7 loops / 2.1 miles. I tried to push myself on the last jog interval and extended the 5 mins to a little over 6 mins.

My shins are tender again now but really not that bad, and my left thigh seems a little better. There are certain stretches where I can feel the thigh pain a little and tonight it didn't feel as bad as it has been. Chicklet, thanks for the advice about the tennis ball therapy - any info you'd like to share I would love to hear (and try out). If you'd rather email over commenting please feel free to email me at a.yar.ia @ gm.ail (w/out the spaces and periods).

I'm really not sure if I'm ready for week 5. I may give the first day a try but i'll have to think about it more.

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