Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 6 - Day 4, 5, & 6 (More Rain)

I think this will be a rather quick update - I didn't take many notes for these days.

This past week work has been crazy and I've had to curb my blogging to compensate. I probably didn't curb it quite as much as I should have. Anyway, I was tagged by two different people in the last couple days for my very first blog award (thanks you two!) and I promise I'll get to it very soon.

Week 6 – Day 4 instruction: Brisk five-minute warm up walk then: Jog ½ mile (or 5 mins), Walk ¼ mile (or 3 mins), Jog ¾ mile (or 8 mins), Walk ¼ mile (or 3 mins), Jog ½ mile (or 5 mins).

Day 4 – 10/1
Run time: 33:47
Run Distance: 2.20 miles
Ave Pace: 15:23/mi

Did 110 crunches but don't remember if I did wall push-ups - probably not. Went to the big loop neighborhood and didn't take River.

We thought this day would be a piece of cake since the last day was jogging 25 mins straight which went well. We were wrong. It proved to be fairly tough for us but we made it through.

Week 6 – Day 5 instruction: Brisk five-minute warm up walk then: Jog 1 mile (or 10 mins), Walk ¼ mile (or 3 mins), Jog 1 mile (or 10 mins).

Day 5 – 10/3
Run time: 18:23
Run Distance: 1.28 miles
Ave Pace: 14:20/mi

No clue if I did any crunches on this day - I don't think so.

Notice anything wrong with the above stats? Yep. This was the first day in 8.5 weeks that we threw in the towel. Or, more like, grabbed a towel.

We noticed lightning while we were doing the 5 min warm up. C was worried but I shrugged it off. It seemed only slightly cloudy out, no big deal. We went out to the big loop neighborhood (was that thunder accompanying the lightning? uh oh.), got about half way through the first 10 min jog and it started raining. sigh. Neither of us was up for getting completely soaked again and it wasn't just a sprinkle. We jogged the rest of the 10 mins but started making our way back to the house. It kept raining harder so we jogged about half of the 3 min walk time. That got us all the way back home, we came inside (about half wet), stretched and called it a night.

Week 6 – Day 6 instruction: Brisk five-minute warm up walk then: jog 2-1/4 miles (or 25 minutes) with no walking.

Day 6 – 10/5
Run time: 31:48
Run Distance: 2.11 miles
Ave Pace: 15:03/mi

Did 110 crunches but no wall push ups and didn't take River with us.

This day was tougher than our last 25 min jog but we made it jogging the whole time. It didn't even rain - amazing.

Overall, this week was basically pain free besides normal muscle soreness. The pain in my right calf that began after week 6, day 3 improved through-out the week and was not much of an issue. However, the day after the day 6, 25 min jog (10/6) was very painful. My left hip, all the way down to my foot, and my right calf ached like a bitch the whole day. It was the worst, most uncomfortable pain I've had so far. It was not a sharp pain like I injured myself, just a dull ache that would not go away. I was kind of worried. But, the next day it was all but gone.

Hmm this was longer than I thought it would be. We are on Week 7 now and it's proving to be a crappy week so far. Hopefully it'll get better!


  1. Good for you for keeping up with it, even when the crappy rain ruined one of your runs. I am SUCH a wuss, I would have cancelled at the mere threat of rain, so good for you for at least giving it a shot.

    As for your aching leg, this is probably assvice, but make sure that you are doing a good long stretch after the workout. I'm sure you are, but I know that when I ache after a run, it's usually because I slacked on my cool-down and stretching. My hips, specifically, are what get me if I don't do all my proper stretching. Oh, and per my orthopedist, you shouldn't ever stretch before working out, because it causes injury (apparently). So. Just in the event that you are stretching before and not after (or not at all), it might take some ache away to stretch for a good 15-20 minutes after your run. Just my assvice, though. Take it for what it's worth, which is not much.

  2. Wow its going so good. You go girl! I love reading your updates!

  3. Good for you! Maybe I shoudl start an exercise log...give myself some accountability. Nah...why mess with a good ol' lazy thing?

  4. I'm also a long distance runner and I will admit, it has helped me deal with this tremendously but jesus...this sucks!

  5. Hi there *waves*

    I'm also a runner, a dog-lover, a wife, and a blogger. Found your blog via IComLeavWe :)

    What sort of training plan are you using? What are your goals running-wise?

    Hope to see you over at my blogs,

  6. Wow, I wish I had the motivation to work out like you do! I need to start working out....badly. :-)

    Here from Blogger Bingo (a post about blogging)

  7. I am so incredibly impressed. Can you share some of that motivation over this direction?


  8. Wow! I love your ongoing movtivation. It's awesome to read about.

  9. I am so impressed with you! I know I just would not be that disciplined. I'm one of those people who starts excercising, goes on with it for a couple of weeks, then gives up for about 3 weeks then starts over. So not good, but, there you go. Keep up the great work! You might just motivate me to get off my butt :D