Friday, June 4, 2010

Bloggy Redesign and Pic of Me (sort-of)

I have 289 posts in my reader (way down from over 600 when I got back) and I'm still trying to catch up.

While reading some old posts I found this one from a very sweet and helpful blogger and was intrigued. I gave it a try and, even though it's still very cookie-cutter, I think the new layout came out well :) I'm guilty of reading most posts from my reader and not clicking over to the blog but I love to see new blog designs. If you are the same way, this is just a note to click over and see my ocean...

I also updated my profile pic and am posting it here as well. It's another cruise pic - I'm standing out on our balcony taking weird pics of scenery and myself. Yeah, my head is cut off but I think this is the most brave I'm going to get on this blog.

I've been thinking about how best to post about the vacation and I think I'll have to do it in installments so as not to overwhelm. We took over 600 pics (haha) and there's a lot to tell/show. I've already thought up my first post so I'll be posting that when I get back from the wedding (hopefully).

There will be lots of cookie baking going on at my house tonight. We are doing a version of a "cookie table" for favors at the wedding but instead of letting guests pack their own, we've made decorative containers and I will be baking, filling containers, and wrapping tonight. (Luckily, it's a very small wedding!)


  1. I love the ocean background! It's so calming and serene - and it has to be a great visual reminder of your trip!

    I love the picture, and can't wait for more vacation pics!

  2. I love the redesign, looks awesome! I want to redo mine but am so scared I will lose stuff. Anyway the cookie table sounds awesome and fun! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your vacation. xoxoxo

  3. Love the headless pic :). The new blog background is pretty!

  4. I like the new layout. It feels very relaxing.

  5. well done! so glad you played around with your look- this one seems to suit you well.