Friday, June 11, 2010

Fake Out

Yikes I really need to get that last post with the giant yellow... whatever off from the very top :)

Yesterday I woke up to CD1. Annoying and mildly depressing but I was actually excited. My last cycle was only 36 days! In the past two years I have only gone below 40-something ONCE (a 38 day-er) and that was ~1.5 years ago. 36 is seriously awesome for me.

Something else interesting about yesterday was the cramping. I NEVER cramp. When I was on BCPs I used to get horrendous cramps but off BCPs, nothing. I felt them all day long and they got worse enough at night to actually take a couple ibu. I thought, ugh, I'm really in for a heavy one this time...

Um, apparently not. By bedtime I was barely spotting and this morning, nothing.

Maybe it's just taking its sweet time but with the cramping, it's so odd.

And you know what all this oddness does, right? You know what I'm about to say? Ok well, I won't say it. But just for the record. Hope, you're a fuckin bitch.


In other news, I'm down to 13 posts in my reader! Yay :) I am finally able to comment regularly again. I just need to get all caught up with work (oh I have a LONG way to go) and I'll be much less stressed.

This past Tue my boss called me and said, "How busy are you?" Oh gah. This is never good. Well it turns out she wants me to help out on a few matters with coworkers that I've never worked with before and I'll need to go up to our NYC office to train with them. "Can you come out tomorrow for the rest of the week?" ... Seriously?? Am I the only one who thinks less than one day's notice is total BS? Maybe if I was a single, career-minded person I would be at their beck and call but damn, I have a life outside of work, ya know. It's just really infuriating when they pull this crap. It should be enough that people in my dept are on call basically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. R was none too pleased either which only serves to stress me out further. I feel bad for him - work is a crazy hell-hole for him lately and my travel needs were only serving to make things worse.

I compromised with my boss and am set to go to NYC this Mon and come back on Tue night. Still short notice but I really shouldn't just say no if I want to remain in good standing here. (I hope I don't get too far behind in blogging while I'm gone! haha)


Hmm the cramping seems to be coming back now...


  1. Total BS, and you did very well in compromising. Now, I do love NYC so I'd go there any time, but I know of course it's not the same. About the cramping and the funny AF..we won't say anything! Love, Fran

  2. Hope is a bitch. But, I'll hope with you and call her a whore and kick her ass if she lets you down :-)

    Nothing good has ever come from the question "How busy are you?" The answer is always, not as busy as I'm going to be when you get done talking!

    Quick crappy last minute travel story... I used to work for a company that sold shares of luxury jets (like condo time shares, but for a Gulfstream (and others...)) and would routinely get asked at 2pm "Hey such and so is having issues in Woddbridge, NJ. Do you think you could head out there on a 8pm flight, then catch an 11am that's coming back in the morning?" Huge disadvantage to nearly constant access to private aircraft! When I took the job it was thinking that would be the best part, but no.

  3. I don't like that the cramping is coming back in time for you to have to travel - I am hope-hope-hoping with you, though!

    Did you ever notice that there is NO GOOD ANSWER to "How busy are you?" when asked by your boss? If you say, "I'm not," then they question if you have enough to do. If you say "Really busy," it sounds like you're trying to get out of doing something. Catch-22.

  4. I refuse to say a word... ;)