Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blood Work, Finally

AF arrived on Friday morning, 3/26 (*punches Hope in the face* and, stay down!), and I called that day for an appt for my CD3 blood work. Yes, the same blood work I've been trying to get done since my last fertility appt at the end of Oct.

The first CD3 after my appt this happened and I couldn't get the blood work done. The second one was over New Years and there was no place open. The third was in Feb and I wasn't even sure if AF was here or not. I spotted, then stopped completely, then spotted again. That went on for about 2 weeks - I was very confused.

So, finally, I went in yesterday morning and had 5 vials drawn! Yay! I have a needles-poking-me phobia but as I get older (and of course I've had a lot of blood work done in the past 13 years) I'm getting better about it. I can now keep myself from freaking out all the way up until the needle is actually coming at me. Then I clamp my eyes shut, hyperventilate (though I focus hard on breathing deeply and slowly), and squeak as the needle is going in. After that I keep my eyes closed but I'm basically fine. Even when the needle is still in, and even when I can hear the blood spurting into each vial.

I went to one of the blood draw labs, not my clinic. The woman there was awesome. She took me right in and did everything quick, quick. She even asked "oh, am I hurting you?" at one point. I only have a tiny red dot where the needle went in, no bruise or anything. Now THAT is the sign of a good stab. I will definitely be going back to that place for any future blood work.

So anyway, my appt to go over my results is on 4/19. My HSG was 2 years ago now so another one may be in my future and a medicated cycle (with BDing, not an IUI or IVF) may be in my future as well.


  1. Oh I'm so jealous of a good stab, with no bruising. I'm nervous about starting this IUI process again in the summer, when I won't be wearing sweaters to hide my nasty arms!

    I hope you get some answers at your appointment - it's nice to be moving forward!

  2. Yay for finally getting your blood work done!! I used to be super panicky about needles, and then, I somehow got over it. I don't really know exactly how, but I used to be very much like you, to the point that I made myself sick with worry at every birthday that passed between 9 and 19, knowing that when I turned 19, I would be due for another tetanus shot... Seriously. Of course, at one point during the span of those years, I took a medication that required biweekly blood draws, and I put off taking it for a year because I couldn't handle the needles. And so the doctor prescribed Xana.x for me, and that was the only way I could handle the needles.

    And now, at age 33, I just spent two months this past fall shooting MYSELF up daily... weird. I don't think my 14-year-old self would have believed it was possible!

  3. Yippee for the new bloodwork ! Please be sure to keep us updated :)

  4. The 19th seems so far away to me and it's no my bw!

    I hope you gets lots of answers and a plan of action at your next appt. Good luck!

  5. So sorry about AF. It does feel like a punch in the face, and gut, of course. It will be good to get CD3 bloodwork, though. Get a sense of where you are. Hopefully the results will be encouraging and be worth the needle!

  6. I'll be pulling for you on this new cycle!

    I also hate it when I can hear the blood in the tube. I have to keep my head turned away the whole time.

  7. I'm so glad that things are moving forward, Jill! I'm thinking of you, and hoping for GREAT results!

  8. Congrats on getting the bloodwork done (and glad it didn't hurt)!
    Good luck this cycle!

  9. WOOHOO!!! I'm so excited that you were finally able to get your labs draw!

  10. There's nothing better than getting someone who know what they're doing. I always look away when the needle goes in but I like to look at the blood going into the vial -am I creepy or what! Good for you!

  11. Hey Jill,

    I can say that I am not fond of needles as well. Sounds like you found the best place to go!

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  12. Sorry she showed, but yea for getting your day three bloodwork done. I hope this cycle is the one for you :)