Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thanks! / Happy ICLW! / Running Update / Questions?

I'm feeling better than I was when I posted last. Maybe just day-tripping on the pity boat instead of an extended cruise. I'm almost totally over the jerky elevator guy (though I'd still like to punch him.) Thanks to everyone who left truly awesome, thoughtful, caring comments on my last post. I really felt the love and it made me feel so much better. I was trying to thank everyone individually but I think I've lost track. Still trying though! Sending *hugs* to everyone. Really, really Thank You.

Happy ICLW! I'm usually a commenting fool so I won't have any trouble making my quota this week but, as always, I suck at posting regularly. If it's your first time here, thanks for visiting! I'm excited to check out some new blogs. To learn about me, I have a timeline in the left sidebar and you could read the ABC post I did a while ago, too.

Running update:
Things are going well for just starting back up. C (my youngest sister) and I are still surprised we were able to jump right back into it so easily. We are working back up to our standard 3x per week schedule. Here's what we've done so far.

Run time: 30:10
Run Distance: 2.00 miles
Ave Pace: 15:05/mi
(100 crunches)

Run time: 31:27
Run Distance: 2.22 miles
Ave Pace: 14:11/mi

Run time: 30:19
Run Distance: 2.20 miles
Ave Pace: 13:48/mi

Run time: 30:54
Run Distance: 2.11 miles
Ave Pace: 14:39/mi
(110 crunches)

Run time: 31:15
Run Distance: 2.20 miles
Ave Pace: 14:13/mi
(110 crunches)

We are definitely getting better (first day back - 15:19/mi). We don't specifically work on speed. It just happens as we get more comfortable jogging. I think my goal of a 12:59min/mile pace (for at least the first 2 miles) by June is very doable without working on speed at all. C and I decided that we are now going to add .1 to our mileage weekly, until we get to 3 miles. This coming week we'll be jogging 2.3 miles so that will put us at 3 the week of May 10th. If it takes us a bit longer, that's fine. My goal is to consistently jog 3 miles straight by June.

Almost no pain at all so far and my knees are doing great. I have been having some tightness/pain on the bottom of my left foot but it started before I started running again so I don't think it's from running. I've been stretching it out by rolling my foot on a tennis ball and it seems to be working. I'm planning to go to a local running store I found soon to check out new shoes (mine are almost a year old now!) and hopefully get some info from them.

Yoga last week was annoying. For some reason I felt weak and I couldn't do a lot of the poses (that I've done many times before) very well. Hopefully it was just a bad yoga day. I've decided not to look for another yoga class right now. I'm trying to find a yoga for weight loss DVD I had but it's lost. If I find it, I plan to add it once a week to what I already do. Anyone have a yoga DVD you love and would recommend?

Instead of going to an extra yoga class per week, I've decided to sign River up for an obedience class. He really needs the attention and mental stimulation. We've done lots of classes before but we haven't done anything now for 6-9 months.

Speaking of River, I just gave him a bath (woo boy he needed one BADLY) and I should really stop blogging now and take him for a walk so he can dry off.

One last thing though - I've gotten a few questions in comments lately and I'm planning to answer them all in one post very soon. If anyone has anything else you'd like to ask me, fire away! Answers to come hopefully later this week.

Questions received so far:
Comment asking to hear more about dog agility. Talk about my dog? Anytime!
Are you familiar with the "Couch to 5K" program? Short answer: yep. Will elaborate.
Have you thought of adopting a baby? I'm positive I'm not the only infertile who has been asked this. I don't take offence but it's complicated. I'll do my best to answer.
It sounds like you are giving up on treatments to get pregnant. Am I missing something? Why? Again, complicated. I will talk about it more in depth though.

Anyone else have any questions? :)


  1. You're definitely not the only infertile to be asked about adoption - and the answer is NEVER easy or simple. I am glad you're having such a good week, and that running is going so well! That's inspirational!

  2. Glad to read you are better and certainly you are doing just brilliantly on the running front! On the yoga DVD I never tried one as I'm afraid they will be boring after say...the third replay? But let me know if you find something that you are happy with! Lots of hugs and also happy ICLW, Fran

  3. Glad you're feeling a little better :). Looking forward to your next post - sounds like you got some good questions!

  4. Way to go with the running! You're definitely steadily increasing, that's amazing! I needed the extra motivation today, so thanks!

    Happy ICLW, too!

  5. Props to you on your running! I'm not a huge fan of doing it (unless I'm being chased by something scary that is).

    I do yoga two times a week. My yoga instructor always says that your balance is different day to day and that each side of your body is different balance wise. I always take that into account when I struggle with a pose I didn't struggle with the week before.

    Happy ICLW week! :)

  6. Random comment I know, but is your River a Blue Heeler? I didn't even know they existed outside of Australia! I have had blue heelers most of my life and they are the most intelligent, beautiful dogs. Great choice and beautiful puppy you have :)


  7. You're not the only infertile that has been asked about adopting. I've been there. It is complicated and everyone has there own set of thoughts and circumstances on the decision. I want to hear about the Couch to 5K program?? I've heard it mentioned in several blogs, but nobody has ever elaborated on what you really have to do to get there.

    Happy ICLW!! Hope you enjoy the blogs you find there, b/c that's where I'm finding you from.

  8. Hooray for dogs! River looks great!! I used to do agility with my last dog but don't with my current dog. It got to the stage where IVF drug crabbiness and impatience / sore stimulated ovaries / sore post OPU ovaries made it unpleasant. We do plenty of bushwalking and going to the dog beach.

  9. Mad props for feeling better and your running girl, you always amaze me! The pity boat is always there, but sometimes we need to step off and take shorter rides, sounds like you have and that is very cool. You know I always love your updates about everything! xoxo

  10. ~ICLW
    Love the title of your blog!! Good on you for leaving that sendentary lifestyle behind and getting into running. I love yoga too-Sara Ivanhoe's are good. They are very simple but that's what is good about them.
    Interested to read the answers to your questions soon!!
    Take care

  11. I would love to get into running, I'm trying to work my way up to it but I am a crappy runner! I haven't run since they made us in high school for sports! Check out Jillian Micheal's Yoga DVD - it's great!

    ICLW #59

  12. I've just started running again as well. I try to run on days that I lift (I'm doing Chalean Extreme).

    My favorite yoga dvds are with Rodney Yee. I've just ordered the new am yoga set and a meditation practice. I love his voice, it is so relaxing.


  13. Congratulations on getting back into running. I'm so incredibly impressed. I just recently started exercising - I wouldn't say again - never really did consistently, so my goal now is just to keep doing it! We'll push each other, ok?

  14. I wish I could run, I get awful shin splits :( Visiting from ICLW. Your dog is such a cutie.

  15. I just started the C25K running plan, signed up for the Race for the Cure in May..yikes ! You have just become my go to gal on running !

    Happy ICLW #57 !

  16. Great job on the running! I'm impressed! I used to be more of a runner but have had to give that up in my TTC journey. But awesome that you're really doing it and working for a good goal! I also have bad yoga days sometimes. I usually blame it on hormones :).

  17. I've been such a running slacker for the last year. I desperately need to get back into it. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    Happy ICLW #28

  18. Look at you with all of your running and yoga! I love both! I practice my yoga at a studio though, so I don't have a DVD recommendation.

    ICLW #113/114

  19. YAY for running. My knees and my boobs hate it, therefore so do I.


  20. I used to run as well, but these days I get home to late to even try and go out and run. The only thing I now manage to do is spinning

    ~Stopping by for ICLW!

  21. Hello from ICLW. I really enjoyed reading your pity post, but I am glad you are feeling better now. I am super impressed with your running discipline! Nice! Exercise is so hard to keep up with. Cute dog. Do you still work in biology? I am a biologist too.

  22. Kudos to you for getting in all that running! I keep telling myself I'm going to start working out again, and then convince myself I don't have the time. Yet, I keep buying workout stuff...just never using it!

    Best of luck to you!