Monday, July 19, 2010

This Doesn't Help

Just received this email invite:

In a last-ditch effort to celebrate BEFORE HappyCoworker has the baby, I'd like to invite you all to an informal get-together tomorrow afternoon in the conference room. I have a card at my desk which you can come by and sign, and will plan to get a giftcard from all of us if you'd like to donate. She is also registered at Ta.rget, if you'd prefer to pick something out. Gifts/donations are completely optional, but it would be great if you could stop by and offer good wishes. Please extend the invite to anyone you can think of that would be interested.


HappyCoworker was discussed in this post and she is due any day now. She is the one I described as a belly-rubber and I've tried my best to avoid her in order to not find out if she really is a belly-rubber or not. I always stare at her head when talking to her because I can't bear to look down.

I'm considering calling in sick tomorrow so I have an excuse not to go but I really should go to work. I think I'll be pretending to be on a conference call at 1pm tomorrow... Should I even sign the card? I probably should but I feel like a hypocrite or something. Of course that would assume that I can even bring myself to look at the card.

Ya know what really sucks about all this too? I love shopping for and buying baby items. I would love nothing more than to go to and get something off her registry but ugh, giving it to her would be heartbreaking.

In general I'm feeling a bit better. I had an ok weekend since I totally ignored work the whole time. I managed to clean out and organize my basement (with R's help) which made me happy.

However, as Sunday night went on I started feeling panicky thinking about going to work this morning. I had to concentrate with all my might in order to stay relaxed and normal as the night went on. This morning was tough and now, at work, all I can do is sit here and think about going home.

No one ever called me back last week from the doctor's office (for the therapist). I finally called on Friday and basically begged them to call me back. Today during lunch my phone started ringing and I knew it was that office. The woman left me a voicemail saying she's sorry no one called me back, she doesn't know what happened, and that whoever is taking new patients will call me back this week. More waiting. She did mention that maybe I should call my insurance and find another place to go to if I want a sooner appt. (great advice lady, thanks) It's crazy how hard finding a therapist is proving to be.


  1. Ugh, I'm sorry you're still waiting for an appointment! Hopefully someone calls you soon and can fit you in.
    And double-ugh about office baby celebrations. I think it sucks to force people to participate in stuff like that. You're not "forced" since it's not mandatory, but the social pressure to attend is pretty heavy. I would do the pretend conference call thing...or maybe do a half-day. You could plead food-poisoning at lunch or something like that.

  2. Call in sick. Don't take the chance of being dragged in there. One missed day of work will not cause the Earth to stop spinning.

    Also, sorry you're having such a time getting in with a therapist. Last year when we lost Bean, I tried to get in with a therapist on our insurance, and was never able. I still wish I'd been more tenacious, and that my insurance had more options.

  3. Oh the baby shower - my worst nightmare! My hub's friend just had a baby shower, and he asked me to buy them a gift. I've been looking online, and it's torture. I keep thinking of my losses...

    And seriously, definitely find another therapist! Start stalking them.

  4. I'm sorry about the feelings you're having about the expecting coworker. It seems like everyone is knocked-up when you so desperately want to be. I had TWO friends last year, who were both "done" having kids, and then got pregnant. It doesn't feel fair.
    As far as the therapist goes, you should never have to wait more than a week for an appointment. If that is how they treat a potential patient, you are going to have nothing but problems if you ever find yourself in crisis. It seems that they don't realize that many folks only call them when they are at their breaking point. I'd give them a day or two, and then look elsewhere.

  5. I hate baby showers. I'm trying to get out of one right now, but it's with a really small group of people so I don't know if I will be able to or not. I hope that your able to avoid the get together.