Friday, March 6, 2009

Laid Off

No, not me. I still have my job (darn...).

On Thursday, six people in my department were laid off. It was a weird situation. Most of my department works out of NYC and I, and two others, are in our Albany office. This means we get any news dead last. Everyone in the other office saw the six get called in, pack up, and leave. We (the Albany people) had to guess at who the six were because no one would tell us. So annoying.

Come to find out one of the six was actually the manager for the main case I am working on (I'll call the person F). Good thing the case I work on has been very quiet lately. It would have sucked if shit was hitting the fan and then suddenly F wasn't there to help and give advice anymore. Corporate BS makes me mad. Not that they had to lay people off specifically, but the way they did it and what the higher ups tell everyone. Everything they say is dripping with.. untruths.

Another one of the six was a new employee I had been training for the past five months (call this person T). Grrrr. I spent so much time training and advising and developed a good working relationship with T. I really hope T doesn't think the lay off was because of anything I said to management. Nothing I can do about it now I guess. I know how being laid off would make me feel though and I was really shocked T was one of the "chosen". I feel so bad for T and F :/

I'm totally not scared for my job in the slightest. I know I do a really good job and I'm no where near one of the highest paid in the department. Probably more like one of the lowest! I actually have a great salary imo but definitely not compared to most of the other people.

There was a good thing that came out of the lay offs. Our dept was forced to restructure after losing the six people so I ended up being put under a new manager that I'm happy about. Hopefully things go well.

I have been fired once in my life and laid off once in my life. Both times sucked and were emotional but the firing was wayyyy worse. For the lay off, my husband (boyfriend at the time but we were living together) and I both worked at the same place. Already a very small company, they majorly downsized and both R and I got laid off on the same day. It was kind of scary. We were living in an apt at the time though and were able to get unemployment. I had another job two or three weeks later.

I think if I were to get laid off now I'd start applying for lab tech positions again. Maybe look into getting some certifications to compliment my degree. My current job has nothing at all to do with my degree. My choice to accept this job was based solely on its salary and benefits.

I hope T and F have an easy time finding new jobs and never look back! :)


  1. I have made it through so many layoffs. In fact, out of a 50+ person team 12 years ago, I'm the only one left. Over 90% of those people were laid off too. Sucks.

    I just got re-orged so I'm going back to a brand new job. I hope I can kick ass in it.

  2. Wow that's a lot of coworkers to watch leave. Must have been weird. It is definitely weird to have T and F gone. Our team of 5 for one of my cases is down to 3 now and on our conference call today we all commented on how odd it felt.

    Lots of kickin-ass luck when you go back to work!