Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 1.1; Day 1 AND Day 2

Thanks for the supporting comments on my last post, I was REALLY not feeling it on Thursday. And it only got worse... but I did go. I am happy I went. I decided to re-do the week 1 instruction which is "Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.", so "Week 1.1" was born.

Week 1.1; Day 1 (Thurs 3/26/09)
Got home and it was raining.

Me: "Should I go even though it's raining?"
R: "No."
Me, thinking: "Ok, that sounds like the excuse you need! Ugh, no, I really should go. I really want to go. If I don't go, I probably will make an excuse for the next time too."

I didn't know what to do. So, without even really making a decision, I grabbed the leash and a flashlight and went for the 5 min warm-up loop. I figured I could decide after that and if it sucked really bad at least I did something.

It was somewhere between drizzling and a light rain so, not too bad. When we got back around to my driveway river was shaking off, and I decided he would be way too wet after 5 more loops, so I put him in the house, stretched, and continued alone.


Water was dripping down my face, my glasses were all fogged up so I could hardly see and I felt like this was my very first time out running instead of my 4th. Blah. I was discouraged but I kept going. My 60 second intervals of running looked something like this:

1 - ok, but tough (full 60)
2 - ugh, i'm going to stop, no just a little farther... (full 60)
3 - i can't do this. no, seriously, i can't. (full 60)
4 - sooo tired. (50 of the 60 secs)
5 - can't breathe. that's important, right? (40 of the 60 secs)
6 - a little more energy (full 60)
7 - only 1 loop to go (full 60)
8 - holy crap i'm so glad this is over! (about 50 of the 60 secs)

I felt like crap but I went about the same pace as Week 1; Day 1 and ended up going the 5 laps for approximately 1.5 miles. I wasn't in pain, it was just unpleasant. I had no energy.

Week 1.1; Day 2 (Sat 3/28/09)
This time was so completely different. It was such a nice day. I had been up doing things all day: gave the dog a bath, cleaned the house, grocery shopped with C (my sister), made dinner, and baked carrot cake cupcakes. My feet and legs hurt already from the day but I wanted to go anyway. I really don't want to start making excuses for not going and procrastinating. I'm such a bad procrastinator I'm afraid if I do it once it'll all fall apart.

C was still with me and was good for goin' with, and even though it was already after 11pm, we went out.

I jogged for all 60 seconds all 8 times (I've found that at my current pace, 8 times is what I get in the 20 mins required). It was still tough but it was so much easier than any previous time. River even did great staying on his side and not getting distracted by C. We went the fastest yet, the last 60 seconds (at the end of the 20 mins) took us past my house and into a 6th loop. We completed the 6th loop at a slower walk, since it was past the 20 mins, for a total of ~1.8 miles.

Tonight is the 3rd day of my second week and I'm proud that I'm still at it. I think I'm even starting to feel better and have a bit more energy, though I'm not positive. It could be all in my head at this stage of the game. I do wish I was picking it up a bit faster but I seriously started this from no regular exercise at all so even the bit of progress so far is promising. I'm happy :)

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  1. Yay for getting back out there. You need to go at our own pace. If you don't feel it don't push it, stay on a week for an extra week. If you're not feeling it your form might be crappy and then you're more prone to injury.
    I started week 3 yesterday. The first 3 minute interval sucked. It gets better. :)
    Great job!