Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 1; Day 2

I went out on Saturday night, just as I planned! :)

I was thinking about it a lot in the two days leading up to it. I wasn't that sore and felt pretty good so I was looking forward to going out again. But, as it got closer, I got more nervous that I would do worse this time than I did the first.

On Friday, I told my sister (C) about the "Couch to 5K" plan and she asked if she could go with me. So, on Saturday, she came over, we grabbed River and went.

I read that stretching after a warm up is better; so, we went around the circle once for the 5 min warm up, went back into my driveway to do the stretching, and then we were off. The first and second 60 seconds of jogging were about the same - doable, not too bad. Then, I jogged the entire third 60 seconds as well... and the fourth! We jogged every 60 second interval except for the very last couple when we only did about 40 - 20 seconds (~20 secs on the last interval).

We went the same 5 loops all together but in slightly less time - more like 20 mins instead of 25. We actually lost track of loop count at the fourth loop, thinking it was our third :) I'm not sure if the improvement was due to C being with me or due to getting better after only one time but it was encouraging. C is not a runner and although she is not overweight like me, she doesn't exercise regularly. She was just keeping my pace, not pushing to go faster/longer. It was nice to have someone to talk to. River was a pain, being distracted by C, but he did fine and again, barely broke a pant ;)

Tonight is day 3 and C will not be with me. I guess I'll find out if I'm really improving or not. I'm looking forward to going, but have that same nervousness that I'll be worse than the previous night. I think I'm scared of being discouraged and stopping.

Side notes for reference:
- I have not had much pain at all so far. No specific knee pain other than what I normally have on a day to day basis. Only slightly sore muscles which are just fine with me!
- I can still only walk up about 2 flights of parking garage stairs before I'm breathing hard. Stairs are painful for my knee, so I don't do them everyday, but I'll be doing them more often as another progress test.

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