Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doggie Agility Class

I took River to his first agility class a couple months ago. It's been over for a while now (it was a 6 week class) but I thought I'd share.

He freakin loves climbing on top of things and running through tunnels so I always wanted to get him into agility. Sadly I had never been able to find any classes in this area. Late fall of last year I found a contact list of agility people and sent out a bunch of emails. I got several responses but they were all an hour + away. I finally decided my want to do at least one class with him was greater than my un-want to drive that far; so, I commited to a class that's about an hour away from my work and a little more than an hour away from our house. It's in NY but very close to the MA border.

We had a great time. The drive ended up being not too bad. I think he enjoyed the agility stuff, he got tons of yummy treats (to make him do what I wanted him to do haha), and he got to play with the other three dogs in the class.
C even went with us and sat through one of the classes :)

I have signed us up for "part 2" class which starts tonight. I am kind of dreading the drive but I'll be glad I went. River does really well with all the agility stuff. If we practiced enough it's possible I could compete with him. I'd be really interested in doing that but I have no where close that I could practice and I highly doubt he could compete without multiple practices every week. I'm excited to see how this next class goes.

On the running front, I didn't end up going out last night. I'm still thinking about upping the frequency but I guess I'm not ready just yet. Tonight will be day 1 of week 3 and I think I've decided to give it a try. If the 3 mins is too much to take then I'll just do another week 2. Oy, finish work, 2+ hours of driving, 1 hour of agiliy class, 45 mins or so of running/stretching... apparently I'm not going to get to eat dinner today!


  1. I love your dog! What breed is he? I might have to add it to my list for when I get a puppy!

    I can't give any advise on running since I can't run at all.

  2. The doggy class looks super fun!!

    I double dog dare you to up your running to 3 minutes!! I think you will surprise yourself!! You gain the most by pushing yourself! You can do! Run for me!!

  3. Heather: Thanks :) He's an Australian Cattle Dog. Very smart, stubborn, clingy dogs. Do a lot of research on them before you seriously consider getting one - they definitely aren't for everyone. I got lucky and found a more mellow personality but damn he's a pain sometimes! hehe

    Monty: Thanks for your continued cheerleading! I hope you don't mind that I picture you in a cheerleading outfit when I read your comments ;) I really, really hope to be able to make it to the 3 mins soon.