Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Running Progress: Week 2.1

I went out to run on 4/9 and knew right away that I wasn't going to be able to do the 3 min run. It sucked - really, really sucked. I started week 2 again, doing the 90 second jogging/2 min walking intervals. I did complete each full 90 sec interval that night (think I did a total of 6 laps or 1.8 miles) but I really felt horrible the whole time. I was so tired and out of breath and just completely felt disgusting. When I got back in I spent a good amount of time stretching since that's my favorite part. River was being a jerk that night, too; so, I only took him with me on one lap. R suggested that since I was mad/stressed already maybe that's why it went so poorly. I dunno. Isn't exercise supposed to be a stress reliever?

Saturday, day 2 (4/11), was better. C came over and went with me. We went just slightly slower than 4/9 but I didn't feel quite as crappy. We completed each of the 90 sec intervals again. Still, I don't think I could have done 3 mins that night either. We did 6 laps/1.8 miles.

On Sunday I took River for a walk for about a mile or so at a quick pace. I keep thinking maybe I'm not progressing because I'm only doing this 3 times a week. Maybe I need to be doing something cardio-ish almost every day in order to beat my body into submission. You hear me body?? You can't get out of this!!

Monday, I missed the first day so far since I've started this :( I wanted to go but was painting all night long (for our basement renovation which is never ending). It was 11pm when I finished, my back ached from painting, and I was just so tired. I went to bed. Instead, I did day 3 yesterday, a day I normally have "off". I didn't feel any worse than the past two times but I certainly didn't feel any better. The last jogging interval, I pushed until I couldn't possibly jog any further and it was at the 2 min mark. I only did 5 laps/1.5 miles. Bleh.

Next running day is today, even though I just went yesterday. Completely off my schedule but I have to travel this weekend and I don't want to skip a day. If I run tonight, Friday night, and Sunday night I should be able to bypass when I'll be away. Oh, and I've decided to definitely start doing every other day, and to go out for at least a mile walk on as many off days as I can.

I feel so discouraged. I keep telling myself that when I started I definitely couldn't have done what I'm doing now. I guess, for me, this is just going to take a lot longer than normal.

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  1. Aw!! Don't get discouraged! I am insanely proud of you!! It will get easier, but it will probably be slow going! Take it easy on yourself! You are doing great!!